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Monthly Portfolio Performance
Below is the summary by month of the performance of the Puget Investor Portfolio.

When a row is highlighted in green, it is identifying a stock that the model predict will outperform the portfolio for that month. When a row is highlighted in red, it is identifying a stock that the model predicted will underperform for the month. No highlight indicates the model is neutral on the stock. These predictions are always recorded at the beginning of the month, and table below shows the resulting return for the month.

Portfolio Performance for February 2018
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SecurityPrediction as of
Price as of
Price as of
DividendOne month total return
Southern Copper Corporation 48.5552.730.309.23%
Rocky Brands Inc.  16.8818.06 6.98%
Zillow Inc.  44.7947.54 6.14% 1,450.891,512.45 4.24%
F5 Networks Inc.  144.54148.52 2.75%
Starbucks 56.8157.100.301.04%
Pope Resources - Limited PartnerUnderperform70.0069.450.700.21%
Limoneira Co Underperform21.5521.41 -0.65%
Stryker Orthopedics 163.00160.80 -1.35%
NIKE IncOutperform68.2267.03 -1.74%
Costco 194.87190.900.50-1.78%
McCormick & Company 107.34105.38 -1.83%
Nucor 66.9665.40 -2.33%
STORE Capital Corporation 23.6422.99 -2.73%
Columbia Banking  42.3141.04 -3.02%
Tesla Motors Inc Underperform354.31343.06 -3.18%
Citigroup 78.4875.490.32-3.40%
Omega Healthcare  25.1424.28 -3.43%
Paccar 74.5671.590.25-3.65%
Disney 107.80102.34 -5.07%
Portland General Electric Co 42.3539.73 -6.19%
Industrias Bachoco 61.9458.01 -6.34%
First Solar Inc.  67.1762.85 -6.43%
AlphabetOutperform1,182.221,103.92 -6.62%
NORSK HYDRO ADR 7.266.77 -6.75%
Realty Income Cor Underperform51.2647.59 -7.15%
Townsquare Media Inc. Class A Underperform7.506.96 -7.20%
Stag Industrial Inc. 25.3222.770.12-9.60%
Omnicell 49.0543.65 -11.01%
Ultra Clean Holdings Inc.  21.6919.26 -11.20%
8Point3 Energy Partners 14.6512.15 -17.06%
Chatham Lodging T  22.4018.190.11-18.30%
Return Analysis:FebruaryYear-To-Date
Portfolio Average:-3.67 %-1.98 %
Underweight Average*:-3.59 %-0.80 %
Overweight Average*:-4.18 %1.79 %
S&P 500 Average:-3.64 %1.79 %
* Portfolio returns for Underweight and Overweight portfolios are calculated using stocks weighted underweight/overweight at the beginning of the month. If no overweight/underweight stock is identified for the month, the year-to-date overweight/underweight portfolio uses that 'portfolio average' return for the given month.

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