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GOOGL Alphabet
As Of 6/23/2017 7:34:00 PM
Current Price$986.09
Current Rating5
Return Since 7/2014
Alphabet68.66 %
S&P 50024.22 %
VFS Rating Analysis
Market ReturnAverage
return vs market
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Monthly Performance and Prediction History
Below is the monthly performance history for this security and the monthly change as compared to the stock market for this security. When a row is highlighted in green, it is identifying a stock that the model predict will outperform the portfolio for that month. When a row is highlighted in red, it is identifying a stock that the model predicted will underperform for the month. No highlight indicates the model is neutral on the stock. These predictions are always recorded at the beginning of the month, and table below shows the resulting return for the month.
DateVFS RatingPredictionRating PriceSubsequent
% Increase
Market %
Increase *
4-01-20177 $847.809.05%0.99%8.06%
3-01-20176 $844.930.34%-0.31%0.65%
2-01-20176 $820.193.02%3.93%-0.91%
10-01-20166 $804.060.73%-1.73%2.46%
9-01-201610 $789.851.80%-0.50%2.30%
8-01-2016  $791.34-0.19%0.12%-0.31%
* As measured by the performance of the S&P 500 for the month.

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GOOGL1?Hawaiian Electric invests in Google Trekker to showcase tourist sites ( 5:35:00 PM
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GOOGL1Apple Has Heard Your Complaints About Siri but That Doesn't Mean They'll Be Solved ( 1:21:00 PM
GOOGL1Grocery Stocks Fall, Nasdaq Tumbles for Third Day After Amazon-Whole Foods Deal ( 1:11:00 PM
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GOOGL1Memory Prices Remain Very Strong, and Apple and Intel Could Help Keep Them That Way ( 5:12:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1Nasdaq Feels More Pain as Tech Selloff Rages On ( 4:55:00 PM
GOOGL1Amazon Still Leads Cloud Rankings, But Competition Is Coming On Strong ( 2:51:00 PM
TSLA, GOOGL1Wall Street Has It All Wrong on Alphabet, Hints Analyst ( 2:15:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1Amazon might buy Silicon Valley darling Slack for $9 billion — here's why it would be a smart move ( 2:07:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1Buying Slack Would Mean Amazon Is Acting More Like Facebook and Google ( 1:45:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1Amazon Price-Target Hike Supported By Growth In New Businesses ( 1:41:00 PM
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GOOGL1Roundtable: 1 Underdog Stock I'm Watching ( 1:24:00 PM
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GOOGL1Verizon takes over Yahoo to complete $4.5 billion deal ( 2:40:00 PM
GOOGL1Major investors still high on tech stocks ( 2:35:00 PM
GOOGL1Dow, S&P 500 close at records as tech stocks rebound ( 1:38:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1Nasdaq Suffers Another Bruising Day as FAANG Stocks Get Pummeled ( 5:00:00 PM
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GOOGL1You Should Probably Be Prepared for the Stock Market to Tank In June ( 6:00:00 AM
GOOGL1The U.S. Dollar Is Moving Exactly How Trump Wants It To, Says Expert ( 5:00:00 AM
GOOGL-2[$$] Is FANG Taking Too Big a Bite Out of the Market? ( 1:06:00 PM
GOOGL-2[$$] Google Faces Record EU Antitrust Fine ( 9:10:00 PM
GOOGL-2[$$] Google Will Buy Modular Homes to Address Housing Crunch ( 5:59:00 PM
GOOGL-2[$$] Google Parent Retires ‘Firefly’ Self-Driving Prototype ( 7:38:00 PM
GOOGL-2[$$] SoftBank to Buy Two Pioneers in Advanced Robots From Google Parent ( 7:53:00 PM
GOOGL-6[$$] Google's 'Trust Us' Approach Doesn't Satisfy Pay Gap Skeptics ( 4:00:00 AM
COST, GOOGL-6[$$] The Newly Powerful CFO: 4 Finance Chiefs to Watch ( 9:53:00 PM
GOOGL-6[$$] Google to Stop Reading Users’ Emails to Target Ads ( 7:53:00 PM
GOOGL-6[$$] Uber Ex-CEO Travis Kalanick Knew of Stolen Google Files ( 4:03:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL-6[$$] Oracle’s Cloud Business Lifts Profit ( 5:40:00 PM
GOOGL-6[$$] Old news media beats social in battle for public trust ( 4:03:00 PM
GOOGL-6[$$] What Kalanick's Fall Means for Silicon Valley Culture ( 2:40:00 PM
GOOGL-6[$$] Legal teams rally to defend the rule of law ( 4:06:00 PM
GOOGL-6[$$] GM’s Cruise Automation Wades Into HD Mapping to Aid Autonomous-Car Efforts ( 7:20:00 PM
GOOGL-6[$$] Market Turns Upside-Down as Go-Go Tech Stocks Join Slow-Mo Funds ( 7:18:00 PM
GOOGL-6[$$] Amazon Is Leading Tech’s Takeover of America ( 9:09:00 PM
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