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As Of 6/23/2017 7:34:00 PM
Current Price$1,003.74
Current Rating6
Return Since 7/2014
Amazon.com209.05 %
S&P 50024.22 %
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Market ReturnAverage
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Monthly Performance and Prediction History
Below is the monthly performance history for this security and the monthly change as compared to the stock market for this security. When a row is highlighted in green, it is identifying a stock that the model predict will outperform the portfolio for that month. When a row is highlighted in red, it is identifying a stock that the model predicted will underperform for the month. No highlight indicates the model is neutral on the stock. These predictions are always recorded at the beginning of the month, and table below shows the resulting return for the month.
DateVFS RatingPredictionRating PriceSubsequent
% Increase
Market %
Increase *
6-01-20171 $994.62   
5-01-20171 $924.997.53%1.41%6.12%
4-01-20171 $886.544.34%0.99%3.34%
3-01-20174 $845.044.91%-0.31%5.22%
2-01-20175 $823.482.62%3.93%-1.31%
1-01-20174 $749.879.82%1.79%8.03%
12-01-20165 $750.57-0.09%1.43%-1.52%
11-01-20163 $789.82-4.97%3.68%-8.65%
10-01-20163 $837.31-5.67%-1.73%-3.94%
9-01-20163 $769.168.86%-0.50%9.36%
8-01-20164 $758.811.36%0.12%1.24%
7-01-20162 $715.626.04%3.65%2.39%
6-01-20162 $722.79-0.99%-0.17%-0.82%
5-01-20162 $659.599.58%1.70%7.88%
4-01-20164 $593.6411.11%0.39%10.71%
3-01-20164 $552.527.44%6.18%1.26%
2-01-20166 $587.00-5.87%-0.08%-5.79%
1-01-20161 $675.89-13.15%-4.98%-8.17%
* As measured by the performance of the S&P 500 for the month.

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AMZN-2[$$] Amazon’s New Wardrobe Service Is Latest Threat for Apparel Stores ( 7:57:00 PM
AMZN-2[$$] Amazon Met Whole Foods on a ‘Blind Date’—But It’s No ‘Tinder Relationship’ ( 5:49:00 PM
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AMZN-6[$$] Amazon's Next Battleground Is the Fitting Room ( 7:23:00 PM
AMZN-6[$$] Whole Foods' Mackey reveals softer side in Amazon courtship ( 5:56:00 PM
AMZN-6[$$] Amazon Shops Locally, But Spreads Fear Globally ( 5:52:00 PM
AMZN-6[$$] Whole Foods shares rise on investor hopes of rival bid ( 4:59:00 PM
AMZN-6[$$] Amazon Deal for Whole Foods Unites Maverick CEOs ( 7:19:00 PM
AMZN-6[$$] The Amazon Juggernaut Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You ( 7:19:00 PM
AMZN-6[$$] Amazon Will Free You From the Minivan ( 6:37:00 PM
AMZN-6[$$] Amazon to Buy Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion ( 6:36:00 PM

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